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Started over two-and-a-half decades ago, Northwood mortgage has since evolved into one of the biggest and most renowned mortgage brokerages in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. We employ a staff of over 200 mortgage professionals who are committed to providing our clients, investors and lenders with the best quality, industry-leading products and services. Our agents have extensive, shared experience placing, as well as funding, residential prime and sub-prime mortgages and underwriting. We are committed to always finding a way to secure funding for our clients, even when other lenders have said no. We have strong experience with not only residential, but also industrial, commercial and investment lending, having arranged loans from $19,000 to $19,000,000.

Northwood is thrilled to have the opportunity to provide its mortgage services to the community of Hamilton, Ontario. As a city of over 500,000 residents and an important commercial and industrial hub in southern Ontario, the city of Hamilton is a thriving, vibrant part of the province’s economy. It is a city of homeowners and homebuyers, many of whom -whether because of the high prices they find downtown or because of the city’s location in the beautiful Green Belt-have chosen Hamilton to locate their business and raise their families. This means that Hamilton is a city in need of competent, dedicated mortgage professionals.

Northwood is committed to giving the residents of Hamilton the best and lowest possible industry rates. Our lowest rates are subject to change, however, as we frequently receive daily, short-term promotional rates. These rates do not get posted online, so you will need to call or meet with a mortgage professional in order to learn about our rates and what we have to offer you on a day-to-day basis. Northwood is able to offer the community of Hamilton open, as well as closed mortgages and a range of variable and fixed mortgage rates. We are also able to offer life insurance and reverse mortgages.

On top of our experience providing residential lending and mortgage solutions, Northwood’s agents have over five decades of combined experience in investment and commercial and industrial mortgages. We are capable of providing financing options for any sized project, whether it’s for an apartment, factory or office building, raw land or anything in between.

Northwood is able to offer our clients a wide range of renewal options and we can contact you up to four months before your renewal date arrives to discuss the benefits of the renewal of the terms of your mortgage. We have helped our clients use the renewal process to secure financing for second homes and vacation properties, as well as capitalize on favourable rates to consolidate debt.

We have a strong network of mutually beneficial working relationships with more than 50 lenders across the country, including banks, national lenders, local lenders and major trusts, which allows us to find our clients the most suitable mortgage rates. We work tirelessly to negotiate and secure the most favourable rates possible for our clients.

All of Northwood’s agents and managers belong to Mortgage Professionals Canada, upholding its code, bylaws, professional practices and standards and we are long-standing members of the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association.

Let Northwood demonstrate why, since 1990, we have been able to build our business into one of the most renowned and trusted names in lending in the Province of Ontario. Our knowledgeable and hardworking agents are always available to provide you with advice and information. Contact us today and let Northwood Mortgage guide you through the mortgage application and securing process.

Term Rate
Variable Rate – High Ratio Insured Special – 6.25%
1 Year fixed Insured 6.59%
2 Year insured 5.94%
3 Year Fixed Insured 5.09%
4 Year Fixed insured 5.09%
5 Year Fixed Mortgage Insured Special Closing Conditions 5.04%
7 Year 120 day rate hold Insured 5.60%
10 Year Insured 120 day Rate hold This could be your last mortgage ever! 6.00%
Variable Rate Open (line of credit) 7.70%

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