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With a population of just over 175,000, Burlington is now one of Ontario’s fastest growing cities. The city is known for its vast range of properties, from luxury lakefront homes right on the water to stylish condominiums that offer stunning views across Lake Ontario. The city attracts visitors from across Canada as well as the globe with its selection of parks, museums and entertainment venues. For buyers looking to invest in the Burlington real estate market or purchase a new family home in the area, it’s critical to work alongside a company that understands Burlington real estate and offers affordable financing options. Northwood Mortgage is a local market leader.

Our team here at Northwood Mortgage has many decades of experience serving property buyers with refined financing options. As one of the largest brokerages in the GTA, we’re able to support a full range of financing requirements. Consider, for example, our expertise in commercial and industrial financing. We can provide financing services for buyers looking for lucrative plaza ownership opportunities in Burlington as well as for buyers seeking land throughout the city for commercial or industrial development. It’s an area in which we now specialize and can guide Burlington buyers to help them consolidate purchase costs.

Specialists for First and Second Mortgages

Here at Northwood Mortgage, we recognize the inherent value in owning Burlington properties, and that’s why we’re committed to helping buyers from across the marketplace achieve their objectives within Burlington real estate. We understand the challenges some face, and so we offer specialized solutions for those who are self-employed or new immigrants. We also offer guidance to those who have experienced financial distress in the past and wish to overcome their past experiences to purchase Burlington property.

Burlington buyers choose Northwood Mortgage for the following reasons:

  • We have established relationships with financial firms

    Throughout our decades of work within the financials services marketplace, Northwood Mortgage has established fortified relationships with the leading financial firms. We’re recognized as trusted specialists within the home financing industry, and that’s why we’re able to get our clients deals simply not available to others within the marketplace.

  • Our seamless service

    We offer one of the most seamless financing services available to those buying property in Burlington. Because of our established connections within the industry and the proven performance of our financing work, our clients are approved quickly for their mortgages to help minimize the home buying challenges. Our experts are also available throughout the financing process to answer questions and ensure challenges are addressed based on years of experience.

  • Our expert debt consolidation guidance

    In planning the purchase of Burlington properties, buyers may have to consolidate their current debt levels. Northwood Mortgage is a standout debt consolidation specialist and works with buyers from across the region to help ensure they’re in the optimal position to achieve a return for their investment.

Northwood Mortgage is your Burlington specialist for a full range of mortgage services. To learn more on our company and your mortgage options, call our office team now.

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Variable Rate – High Ratio Insured Special – 6.25%
1 Year fixed Insured 6.59%
2 Year insured 5.94%
3 Year Fixed Insured 5.09%
4 Year Fixed insured 5.09%
5 Year Fixed Mortgage Insured Special Closing Conditions 5.04%
7 Year 120 day rate hold Insured 5.60%
10 Year Insured 120 day Rate hold This could be your last mortgage ever! 6.00%
Variable Rate Open (line of credit) 7.70%

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