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Belleville, Ontario is home to almost 50,000 people. The city is located on the Bay of Quinte in southern Ontario and hosts many of the country’s leading manufacturers, including Kellogg’1s and Parmalat. Another important element of Belleville is its military connection. The city is located a 15-minute drive away from Trenton Airforce Base, which makes Belleville the ideal location for those serving in the military and their families. With its thriving economy and local roots, buyers from across Canada are now moving to Belleville in great numbers and the team at Northwood Mortgage can help secure the ideal home deal for their families.

Northwood Mortgage thrives on providing home-buyers a seamless purchasing experience. We’ve helped hundreds of Belleville buyers to secure financing on that perfect property, and we’re now offering our services to others across the city. One of the leading reasons so many Belleville buyers choose to use our services over our competitors’ is we’re experts in helping buyers overcome financing challenges. Whether the client is a new immigrant with limited credit history in Canada or is self-employed and seeking out an affordable rate for their financing, our team here at Northwood Mortgage can provide the perfect solution.

Experts on residential mortgage products

Within the residential mortgage financing marketplace, few companies have the experience offered by Northwood Mortgage. Our team works with homeowners to assess their financing needs and help them to devise the ideal purchasing solution. This means we can complete services such as debt consolidation, working with financial firms to ensure debts are minimized on our client’s behalf. This can provide the Belleville home-buyer the ideal path to homeownership.

Clients choose Northwood Mortgage for the following services:

  • Home Repair Financing

    In addition to our mortgage financing expertise, we can also help buyers secure loans for home repairs. We can help buyers establish the value of their assets and help them safely use these assets as collateral on repair loans. It’s a tool that is helping hundreds of Belleville home buyers effectively use the built-up equity in their home.

  • Mortgage Renewal Guidance

    Northwood Mortgage works with homeowners across Belleville to provide the best value for money mortgages on the marketplace. The company can help homeowners analyze their mortgage options when their renewal date arrives and help them to tap into the current value of their property. This can help buyers move forward on home renovation projects, as well as to achieve affordable financing on second and third properties.

  • Access to Over 50 Lending Institutions

    Our team can provide homeowners and buyers with access to over 50 lending institutions, each of whom will be competing directly for our their business. The process helps Northwood Mortgage clients reduce their costs significantly over the coming years.

The team here at Northwood Mortgage is ready to help all Belleville clients reduce their home ownership costs! To learn more, call our offices directly today and book a consultation with one of our mortgage experts.

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Term Rate
Variable Rate – High Ratio Insured Special – 6.25%
1 Year fixed Insured 6.59%
2 Year insured 5.94%
3 Year Fixed Insured 5.09%
4 Year Fixed insured 5.09%
5 Year Fixed Mortgage Insured Special Closing Conditions 5.04%
7 Year 120 day rate hold Insured 5.60%
10 Year Insured 120 day Rate hold This could be your last mortgage ever! 6.00%
Variable Rate Open (line of credit) 7.70%

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