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Established in 1990, Northwood Mortgage Ltd. is one of the largest brokerages in the GTA. With a staff of over 100 Agents & Brokers. Our trusted Mortgage Agents & Brokers are specialists in providing mortgage advice and customizing products and solutions to suit your needs.

As mortgage Agents & Brokers, we have unmatched abilities to underwrite, place and fund residential prime and subprime mortgages. As a Northwood Mortgage customer, this means that when other companies say no to lending, we look to find a way to say yes.

Northwood Mortgage

Pay off Credit Cards & Improve Cash Flow

Your credit rating is a measure of your credit-worthiness or in other words, your record of borrowing and repayment. Without a credit rating, few institutions... Read More

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Northwood Mortgage Ltd. is one of the GTA’s largest brokerage firms. We provide unmatched mortgage funding and investment services... Read More

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Our mortgage rates change frequently as we often receive short-term rate promotions daily. These promotions... Read More

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At Northwood Mortgage we take the time to listen to your needs and look at the whole picture to approve your first mortgage... Read More

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Try these online tools to help make financial decisions that are right for you. Call us at 416-969-8130 if you need help... Read More

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We have assembled some tables to allow you to gauge the possibility of purchasing instead of renting. The information... Read More

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Northwood Mortgage Ltd. is one of the GTA’s largest brokerage firms. We provide unmatched mortgage funding and investment services.

Whether you need a mortgage for your home or for a commercial property; whatever your personal circumstances may be, Northwood Mortgage can help.

I am so glad we followed your advice and can't believe how seamless the process was Reeia Nauth! I am a convert to the Reverse Mortgage and am one of your ambassadors when talking to my friends!

“I recently approached Mr. Nick DaSilva asking for help to renegotiate two somewhat complex mortgages on our home. He provided me with several options that were easy for a non-financial person to understand with no pressure to decide. He was also...
It was great working with Michael Dorego. He really went above and beyond to find us the right solution that solved our most pressing needs. I highly recommend working with him!

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